Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5th Edition

So, now is probably one of the most exciting times to be a gamer. A new edition is on the horizon, and if all indications are correct, it'll be one greatly influenced by the old school mentality.

It may not be old school however, but I digress. If it's more old school then Pathfinder (which, PF is not) then I'll be happy. Nothing against 3.x or PF - they're just not for me.

In any case you can see there is an EXPLOSION on the WotC boards with lots of discussion. This is pretty awesome, as it's almost like the rebirth of a community.

It's also a shell shock for many longtime 4e partisans. People who really don't like the game have come back out of the wood work and have started stating their opinions. Some may be trolling, but others are completely valid.

I'm going to be watching these boards over the next while, as well as the 5e open beta. I don't expect it to overturn my love of 0e/1e/2e/BECMI but hopefully there's something to like.

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