Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally, a reader! And, Hoberton as well.

So, I knew that having a link to my blog in my signature (on various forums) would be bound to attract someone to read.

So, Havard suggests that I talk about campaigns settings. Wonderful, and so I shall!

Now, I just started running a First Edition campaign with my younger brother, a few of his friends and a few of mine last night. I started them out in a small town of my own creation in the world of Greyhawk.

The town of Hoberton was built within the last half century by simple farmers somewhere near the boarder of Keoland and the Yeomanry. The farmers lived in relative peace for a while until their livestock began to disappear. It was a slow thing at first, but grew oppressive over time. It became clear that a tribe of orcs and other creatures were the cause of this as the attacks grew more bold. Eventually, even the outlaying farms of the area have been attacked in full.

Unknown to most of the townsmen (except the local Tavern Keeper, a former adventurer himself), just ten miles north of their little village are the ruins of a small castle built abandoned for the better part of the last five centuries.

After the Rain of Colorless fire, the Suloise people escaped east into the Flanaess. One of the first strongholds they built was just north of the modern day town of Hoberton. For reasons unknown, the keep was abandoned and left to rot.

Humanoids began to take refuge in the ruins of the keep, seeking a safe shelter from the dangers of nearby civilization. To keep hidden, they began to construct a series of tunnels beneath the keep in hope of deterring adventurers.

Little do the humanoids know that the Suloise people who built the keep left more of their magic behind then they took with them.

So, this is where the PC's come in to play. There are rumors of the ruins, and of great treasure to be found among them. What harm could a little exploration do?

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