Monday, July 11, 2011

Some input.

So, there are a numerous amount of subjects in my head - though I often lack the ability to grasp at them and yank them out as well and as swiftly as I would like. I have my own gaming events, and other things to I could write about (and will), but I'd like some ideas.

Now, I'm sure as I write this I have yet to gain reader #1 - more out of lack of advertising this blog then anything. In any case, when you do read this blog and get to this post, I'd like to hear some input. Maybe you have a question that I could devote a post to? Maybe you have a subject? If I'm lucky, you'll give me something that I have not thought of first.

Of course, I'd like to limit these types of questions to that of gaming - and possibly literature. Just leave them in the comment section, and give me your best!


  1. Reader #1 here. ;) I like posts related to campaigs and campaign settings. You mentioned that you are setting your campaign in GH IIRC. How about some more details on what you are planning to do, if there are any NPC entanglements you are planning on etc? :) Just an idea.

  2. Like you, I am what you can call a neo-Grognard, although I started with 2e, and I would like to read more posts based on why these "older games" appeal to you more than newer ones. I know you posted a little about this earlier, but I would like to see some more, in depth, posts.

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